We are Uplers

We are Uplers

We’re Proud to Be a
People-first Organization

We are a people-first company and believe in taking care of our team and looking after them as a member of our family. We have always nurtured a performance-driven, people-focused culture over the years because we believe that a happy environment fuels innovation.

Our People = Pillars of Success

We respect and value each person’s contribution. They have made Uplers what it is today. Our people are the real heroes who run the show and make us proud.

Uplers is all about the VIBE!

V - Vivacious
I - Inspiring
B - Bold
E - Eccentric

Uplers VIBE

#Uplersophy - The Uplers Philosophy

The Feeling of Family

The Feeling
of Family


Team-Spirit & Unity
Over Everything

No Matter

Got Your Back No
Matter What


Trust in the

The Uplers Vision

2025 Vision

  • People
    5000+ People
  • Workforce
    50% Women
  • Global Talent
    Hiring National &
    Global Talent

How We’re Doing Currently

  • People
    650+ People
  • Workforce
    35% Women
  • Local & National
    Local & National
Uplers Vision


Remote Life at Uplers
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Remote Life at home
Remote Life with Uplers

Remote Working Diaries

Mumbai - Gateway of India

Karishma Khubchandani's Remote Working Diary
Brand Marketing Lead

Thank You Uplers for giving me Mum’Bae’ Back!

Mumbai is home. Bombay as we still fondly call it, is an emotion. It's where my heart is! With remote working, I can now be closer to my family and friends and re-visit all the places where I have experienced my best and cherished memories.

Lunch/dinner with beach views or just strolling on Linking road / Colaba Causeway for window shopping will be back on the cards. Also, dressing up to go to new party places or going for chill drives late at night on the sea link.

The Ferry rides from Gateway to Alibaug & back will now be the weekend plan again or maybe having the never-ending discussion of going to Lonavala / Malshej Ghat / Matheran for a quick one-day vacay in the rain.

Mahabaleshwar will now be back on the mandatory rainy season destination. I will yet again witness the iconic Mumbai ki baarish to the IPL matches at Wankhede, from Kala Khatta Gola at Juhu Beach to the Sardar Pav Bhaji or the late-night meals at Bade Miyan to flaunting my yearly trips to Lalbaug ka Raja or Kala Ghoda Fest and so many more memories, well can't wait to do it all over again! I missed you Mum’BAE’ and how.

Thank you Uplers, I don't have words to say this enough! I owe you my new found zeal. In this super hectic life, you gave me an opportunity to now be back to ‘BAE’ and live to my fullest in my own city. Thank you for enriching my professional life and fulfilling my personal life experience too. It's clearly the best of both worlds!

Gulshan Nirmal - General Manager
Gulshan Nirmal

Gulshan Nirmal’s Remote Working Diary
General Manager

Forty-five minutes of driving in nasty traffic on the way to the office and then again forty-five to sixty minutes driving in nasty traffic to back home. Almost two hours per day of my life was no less than waste! I always thought if I can get a superpower like the Flash, I can just rush to the office and be back home in a blink of an eye. So that I can save those two valuable hours of my life and invest it with my loving family!

Today, guess what?!! I have that superpower! I am saving my valuable two hours and having fun with my little ones! Well, no, no, I didn’t get struck by lightning and converted into the Flash. But…..Uplers gave me that superpower using which I can just be in the office and back home in a blink of an eye! And that superpower is working from home!

I still remember my first day of working from home. I thought, wow! Matlab kya baat he! I just put on my shorts, borrowed the writing pad of my kid, bed par 4 takiye lagaye, and started working!

The first two hours were more like trying to be comfortable with the right position. In the third hour, I realized there is no such comfortable position while working on your bed with a laptop! The first day went with a lot of adjustment, alignment, and fight between my sitting position and the rigidness of my bed! Not to mention my family of course!

The second day was more like an eye-opener! I set up a proper place, a comfortable sitting arrangement, and a little bit of a glimpse of my office. I wasn’t in my tuxedos, but not in my pajamas either! Plus, my family realized I am working “from” home, not working “for” home for those hours!

They rightly said with great powers comes great responsibilities! Working from home, of course, comes with a bundle of benefits, but it also has its own responsibilities. Since I am working from home, I can define my working hours, which doesn’t mean I should not follow the work discipline. Since I am saving my valuable 2 hours, I spend it with my family. And yes, I am also saving money here! And which better place than your home to take a power nap!? The best part other than the family time is, roj - roj garma garam khana! Aur kya chahiye!

Sometimes it gives me a hard time as well, like the internet is our basic need, and in the initial days, I was on mobile data. I faced frequent problems with my daily calls, meetings, and day-to-day jobs. But then I got a broadband connection, which works like a charm! Schools are online these days, and my kids are at home all the time! When their hardcore playing mode gets on, it doesn’t matter to them, either their father is creating any reports or on a call with his boss! My little girl crawls to my chair and requests me to carry her in my arms! And I lovingly do so! Many times I take meetings with her sitting on my lap! This is altogether a different feeling! I am enjoying my time! My family feels safe because I am in front of them 24 by 7.

Whenever I get bored, I have my kids who cheer me up with just their smiles! I am loving it!

Arjun Sharma - Project Coordinator
Arjun Sharma

Arjun Sharma’s Remote Working Diary
Project Coordinator

The news of Uplers going remote definitely got me excited. I’ve been living away from my family for quite some time now, as I believed hustling and achieving something of my own was extremely important. But now I get the best of both worlds!

I’m so happy that I can continue to do good work with Uplers while staying with my family. Staying true to my roots of being a Punjabi, I’m sure it comes to you as no surprise that I happen to be a hardcore foodie.

Being back home and eating my mom’s delicious home-cooked food has been the highlight of this lockdown. I absolutely adore my family, and I’m so thankful to Uplers for giving me this opportunity to be back with them.

On the other hand, I really miss my colleagues back in the office and all the fun & frolics we made on the floor. Teasing my team members and leads and laughing till our stomachs hurt.

That being said, I’m extremely proud of my whole team and everyone at Uplers for sticking together even in the most difficult times and quickly adapting to this new lifestyle of ours.

All in all, my remote working experience has been great. I wish all the luck and happiness to everyone in my Uplers family.

Stay Safe & Healthy!

#SheMatters - The Woman of Uplers

  • BatWoman - Night Shift for Women
  • POSH Policy
  • Fair Compensation & Equal Pay

Our Key Drivers & Values

  • Ahead of the Curve
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Client Partnership
  • Process & Data-Driven
  • Trust
  • Humble
  • Care to Help